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Top Ten Reasons Why Customers Are SO Darn Loyal: (Aside from the smiles, laughs,on time delivery and quality).

10. FREE gas with any neon purchase! (Get it? Neon IS a gas :D!)
9. Metric system COMPLETELY ignored! (3x8 foot banners gladly)
8. Absolutely NO animal testing! (Our animals are on strike so humans do the testing now)
7. LESS than 50' from Dunkin Donuts! (Yea Donuts!)
6. MORE than 6 independent Elvis sightings this year alone! (Thank You Very Much!!!)
5. Less than 365 days until Christmas! (Cha-Ching!)
4. Estimates WITHOUT an attitude, Designs WITH an attitude! (Our signs speak louder than our employees, and our employees are loud!)
3. Scandinavian Interpreter ON SITE! (For our delightful cold weather customers)
2. HUNDREDS of samples for the creatively challenged! (We gots talent for all!)
1. Chocolate! (Let's face it... people like to be bribed :))




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